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Blurock was born from the many years of experience of a pool of entrepreneurs in the IT sector.
The company aims to meet the needs and requirements of customers through its qualified and motivated people to achieve the objectives. The resources have a proven track record in key sectors of the computer world, both in application domain that sistemistico.

Blurock qualifies all its resources through solid and lasting contractual relationships , with the aim of guaranteeing its customers the security of a stable professional collaboration.
Supporting the personal attitudes of resources makes it possible to train professionals able to simplify the complexities of working systems.


We operate with the aim of creating a partnership relationship with our customers .
The search for contact points in business development transforms the normal supplier-customer relationship into a relationship focused on Quality, Flexibility, Reliability and Commitment.

In a professional context governed by uncertainty, working with ethical and transparent companies means focusing on getting the best out of your core business , delegating the management of complexities to a truly reliable partner .

For Blurock, results-oriented is the fundamental prerogative for establishing its collaborations.


Blurock offers IT consultancy to companies with the aim of improving the quality of information systems and simplifying business processes .
The focus on innovation , collaboration with customers and attention to " value for money " are the elements that characterize our action model in the offer of IT services and solutions.

Our team of professionals led by experts with 20 years of experience on the ICT consulting market.
The constant attention to a flexible market such as the technological one allows the company to always offer the most competitive and flexible solutions and services.


Blurock deals with the selection and development of resources.
The research takes place in a timely manner; qualified professionals are contacted and inserted into the world of work, resources that can immediately increase the client's know-how , with the skills acquired during their personal experience.

During the selection process , the responsibilities and skills of the position to be filled are defined, the analysis is carried out in terms of defining the job description and the profile of the ideal candidate to be sought.
The career levels of reference and other relevant factors are defined, such as the geographical area and place of work.
This leads to the definition of candidates and the identification of potentially suitable figures.

Increasing the know-how of your work group with successful insertions, overseeing the continuity of the business, are key objectives of any company regardless of the business sector: Blurock interprets these needs by providing its customers with distinctive skills, a innovative design and in-depth knowledge of its reference market.